CMG4999 Cutter knife Slitter knife for Newlong CM4900-3

The CMG4999 Cutter knife also referred to as Round knife, Slitter Knife are sold per set (2 knives)

The CMG4999 Cutter knive  are a set of knives that are used to cut the top of the paperbag when adding crepe tape.

  1. Steps to change the Slitter knives on the Newlong CM4900-3 and simular infeeders.
  2. Remove the speed reducer, Slitterguide and Waste trim guide.
  3. Press down the Lubrication oil reservoir to the utmist bottom point
  4. Loosen screws in the set collar and pull each of the two shafts upwardly to remove
  5. Take off each of the two slitter knife units
  6. Place the slitter knife units on the table and loosen de nut fixing the knife onto the set collar. Then remove the knives to replace.
  7. Place the replacement knife onto the set collar and tighten the set collar with nut.
  8. To fix those initially removed, trace the steps in an ascending (backwards) order from step 6 and above.